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Elite Feet, Inc. guide to Track and Field Footwear
It is time again to get thinking about your spikes as track and field is upon us.  That's always a good sign that Spring is right around the corner.  Maybe you are new to track and field or perhaps want to upgrade your spikes or just try something different this year.  Either way, spikes are that tool in your bag what helps you reach your PR goals!  Spikes provide traction.  They are lightweight and provide what you need to push yourself to your fullest capability.  
At Elite Feet, Inc., we have the newest spikes in both beginner and advanced levels of competition as well as past years models on discount.  
So how do you know which spike is right for you?  When you come into Elite Feet, Inc. we will be asking you several questions to direct you to the right shoe for you.  
Question one is what event will you be doing as your primary focus?
Will you be doing other events on the track and/or field?
How much were you looking to spend, entry level or advanced pricing?
Here is the breakdown:
This spike has no heel cushioning.  They are extremely light weight and have a stiff spike plate under the forefoot that assists in returning energy to you and keeps you up on your toes.  
MIDDLE DISTANCE SPIKES: (800 meter - 1600 meter)